Jewelry her King his Queen couple ring wholesale fashion hot sale titanium steel ring

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【606】Men's No. 7
【606】Men's No. 8
【606】Men's No. 9
【606】Men's No. 10
【606】Men's No. 11
【606】Women's No. 4
【606】Women's No. 5
【606】Women's No. 6
【606】Women's No. 7
【606】Women's No. 8
【606】Men's No. 12
【606】Women's No. 9
【606】Men's No. 13
【606】Men's No. 6
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Color[606] Men’s No. 7, [606] Men’s No. 8, [606] Men’s No. 9, [606] Men’s No. 10, [606] Men’s No. 11, [606] Women’s No. 4, [606] 】Women’s Style No. 5,【606】Women's Style No. 6,【606】Women's Style No. 7,【606】Women's Style No. 8,【606】Men's Style No. 12,【606】Women's Style No.9,【606】Men Style No. 13, 【606】Men's Style No. 6
Custom ProcessingYes
Have Licensable Own BrandYes
Item NO.606
Listing Year/season2019
Main Downstream Platformsebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA
Main Sales AreaAfrica, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East
MaterialTitanium steel
Occasions For GiftsBirthday
Packageindividual package
Popular elementsgeometry
Print LOGOCan
Product categoryjewelry
Production CodeTJ
StyleKorean style/Korean style
Treatment Processplating
TypeRing, ring
Whether It Is A Source Of Exclusive Supply For Cross-border ExportYes
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Supplier Name:东莞市格佳饰品有限公司
Supplier Type:Source Factory
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