CP14 Cursive Alphabet Pendant DIY Splicing Combination Copper Micro-inlaid Zircon English Pendant Hip-hop Necklace

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Golden 2 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 3 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 4 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 5 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 6 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 7 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Gold 8 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 9 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 10 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 11 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 12 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 13 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 14 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Golden 15 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 2 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 3 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 4 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 5 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 6 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 7 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 8 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 9 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 10 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 11 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 12 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 13 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 14 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
Silver 15 Letters +3mm24inch Twist Chain
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Chain StyleOther
ColorGold 2 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 3 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 4 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 5 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 6 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 7 Letters+ 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 8 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 9 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 10 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 11 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 12 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 13 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 14 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Gold 15 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 2 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 3 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 4 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 5 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 6 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 7 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 8 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 9 Letters+3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 10 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 11 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 12 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 13 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 14 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain, Silver 15 Letters + 3mm24inch Twist Chain
Custom ProcessingYes
Extension ChainWithout
Have Licensable Own BrandNo
ImageHip Hop Necklace
Item NO.CP14
Listing Year/seasonFall 2021
Main Downstream PlatformsEbay, Amazon, Wish, Aliexpress
Main Sales AreaAfrica, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
ModelingCartoon Character
Occasions For GiftsWeddings, Travel Souvenirs, Employee Benefits
PackageIndividual Package
Pendant MaterialAlloy
Perimeter51cm (inclusive)-80cm (inclusive)
Popular elementsLetter
Product categoryItem
Production CodeCP14
Sales Serial NumberCP14
SeriesCopper Necklace
StyleEurope And America
Treatment ProcessCopper Micro-inlaid Zircon
Whether It Is A Source Of Exclusive Supply For Cross-border ExportYes
Whether Multi-layerNo
Whether To Bring A PendantYes
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