process of purchase

1. Click on each page navigation or product category to enter the product list, you can click to view your favorite products

2. On the specific product page, you can see the specific parameters and detailed description of the product

3. If you encounter a product you like, you can click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now"

4. If you need to shop for other products, you can continue to browse other products. If you don’t need to shop for other products, you can click on the "shopping cart" in the upper right corner

5. On the shopping cart page, you can make adjustments to the products you choose, such as modifying the number of products, deleting a product, and after confirming that it is correct, click "Checkout"

6. On the checkout page, please select the payment method, fill in your delivery address, and the system will automatically record the address you have used

7. fter the order is confirmed, you can click "Confirm Order"

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