1688 Dropshipping

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Our Service

1. Dropshipping: purchase in 1688, sorting and packing,  ship to your customer;

2. Transship goods in China: receive goods and send goods to designated addresses;

3. Translation and customer service: help customers find suppliers or find hot-selling products in 1688.

4. You can hire our quality inspectors on an hourly basis (US$0.1/pieces) to help you do quality inspections according to your requirements.


Our advantage

1. We are the first-class partner of 1688 VIP Super Buyer. At the same time, we are also the highest level of procurement level L6.

2. We have API permissions for all products and order processing of 1688. Self-developed mature ERP and WMS systems. A large warehouse of 20,000 ㎡ and logistics advantages.


3.Operating service fee is 80%+ cheaper than competitors.

For example: proxy purchase & transshipment service

OkeySC fees: 5% of the purchase amount

competitors fees: 10% of the purchase amount, plus an operating fee of US$1.5/piece


4.The lowest standard international logistics cost in the industry

For example: air freight to the U.S.

OkeySC fee:US$1.6/100g + 2.85 registration fee (delivery to door on 7-15 days)

competitors feeUS$2.4/100g + US$2.85 registration fee (delivery to door on 12-20 days)


For Example: You wholesale 50 pieces of 5 clothes at a wholesale price of US$20 each, with a total weight of 10kg, and ship to the United States

VS goods shipping Operating fee Service fee Total$
competitors 1000 2365 75 344 3784
OkeySC 1000 1577 0 50 2627

OkeySC can help you save US$1157


Register our membership. Get one-to-one VIP service


Contact us

WeChat: 13332629176

WhatsApp: +8613332629176

Email: info@okeysc.com

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